Terms & Conditions

What do I pay Book a Cook for finding me a cook?

  • Individual lunch or dinner £35.00
  • Weekend £75.00
  • One week £100.00
  • Each successive week (or part thereafter) £75.00
  • Double fees apply for Christmas and Bank Holidays
  • Summer/Winter season. 3 weeks of cook’s salary
  • Permanent staff placement fee of 15% of annual salary.

VAT is not chargeable on these prices. Any client re-employing anyone originally introduced to them by this agency will be charged the full appropriate fee.

  • Permanent staff placement fee of 15% of annual salary. If a permanent engagement is terminated Book a Cook will offer a replacement or refund fees on the following basis;
    1-4 weeks worked = 100% and temporary fee structure charged.
    4-8 weeks worked = 60%
    8-12 weeks worked = 40%
  • A fee is chargeable after the client makes any offer of an engagement to the applicant(s), which is accepted in writing.
  • All Clients are reminded that they are responsible for paying staff direct and for making the appropriate NI and Tax deductions.
  • When an employer cancels the booking of an employee within two weeks of commencement of employment, for employment up to one week, the employer shall be responsible for the payment of half the employees agreed fee and full agent’s fee. For the cancellation of employment of more than one week, the employer shall be responsible for the payment of one week’s agreed fee and the full agent’s fee.
  • Book a Cook are not employers and carry out business as agents only for the purposes of effecting and introduction between persons desiring to enter into a contract for services.
  • The engagement of an employee shall be deemed to occur at the moment when the employer agrees with the employee that the employee shall be employed (whether on a permanent, temporary or trial basis) by the employer.
  • The engagement (including engagement for a trial period) of an employee introduced by Book a Cook is deemed to be an acceptance of these terms and to pay all the fees properly chargeable. Accounts are due for payment within 14 days on receipt of invoice.
  • When an employee has been engaged and does not report for duty through illness or unforeseen circumstances Book a Cook will endeavour to find a replacement employee. No rebates are available.
  • Clients must immediately notify Book a Cook in writing if they receive from another source a recommendation of an employee who is subsequently introduced by Book a Cook; otherwise the engagement fee, if an engagement ensues, will be payable to Book a Cook.
  • Clients must notify us immediately upon the engagement of an employee, whether recommended by Book a Cook or otherwise, with the name and address of the employee engaged. This is one of our Terms of Business and serves to ensure that the employee engaged, if through Book a Cook, will not be recommended to other clients.
  • Book a Cook endeavours to obtain suitable references in respect of those employees introduced by employers are strongly recommended to make their own enquiries. Whilst Book a Cook makes efforts to enquire into the background and history of employees introduced they are not liable for any information or representation concerning the employees and neither do they give or accept responsibility for any warranty concerning the history, character, age, capability or suitability of employees introduced.
  • Book a Cook gives no representation or warranty that any employees introduced will be available to fill any vacancy.
  • Book a Cook are not liable for loss or expense howsoever the same may be caused by employees introduced whether or not an engagement ensues.
  • Names and addresses of employees are given in strict confidence and must not be passed on. An employer so doing will be held responsible for the engagement fee if an engagement ensues.
  • An engagement between Book a Cook and an employer shall be construed and governed by English Law.
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